Rape and sexual abuse support for adult women and men

Revival – Wiltshire RASAC offers free, confidential counselling and support for men and women who have been raped or sexually abused.  It doesn't matter when or where.  No one should suffer in silence.  We are here to help survivors make sense of what's happened to them and begin to make life changing choices for themselves.


Has your life been affected by rape or sexual abuse?

The long term effects of sexual violence can be difficult to come to terms with, whoever you are, but it is not something you need to do alone. 

You may be experiencing some of the following effects:

  • Overwhelmed by emotions and feelings
  • Memories in the form of flashbacks, body memories, mental images or nightmares
  • Anxiety
  • Feelings of fear, guilt, shame or anger
  • Depression
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Eating disorders
  • Low self-esteem
  • Difficulty protecting yourself in harmful situations
  • Parenting or relationship problems
  • Drinking heavily, self-harming or taking drugs as a way of coping
  • Feeling suicidal

Many survivors feel that what happened to them was a long time ago and they don't want to bring it all up again – but if it’s having an effect on your life, maybe it never really went away.


Counselling Enquiries : 01225 751 568

[email protected]


 Please note that Revival – Wiltshire RASAC does not knowingly work with perpetrators of sexual offences.

Sexual offending is not a natural consequence of having been abused.  If you are concerned about your own, or someone else’s behaviour, help and advice is available.






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Revival - Wiltshire RASAC is the operating name of Revival - Wiltshire Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre

Registered Office: 11a Silver Street, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 8AA

Company Limited by Guarantee in England No. 4717912

Registered Charity No. 1102911

(please note that counselling does not take place at this address)