Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse


The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) has this week launched a consultation on the impact of child sexual abuse on victims and survivors and access to and use of support services. The consultation is open for three months from now until early September.


The consultation is a huge opportunity for victims and survivors to inform IICSA about how their physical and mental health may have been affected by CSA and about their experiences of finding support, and marks the start of an ongoing engagement with victims and survivors and their families to gather views about support service provision.   


The consultation is open to anyone who is a victim or survivor of child sexual abuse, and also to those who may wish to complete the survey on behalf of a victim/survivor.Please share this information with victims and survivors and their families.


IICSA says:

We want to hear from you if your life has in any way been affected by child sexual abuse.

We would be glad to hear from friends or families of victims and survivors if they feel able to provide insight into the impact on the victim and survivor or their experience of accessing support services.

We also want to understand how effectively existing support services provision (that provide care, treatment, counselling, therapy, advocacy and support etc.) meet the needs of people who have experienced or been affected by child sexual abuse, and the ways in which they can be improved.

The consultation will examine a series of issues relating to victims’ and survivors’ experiences of support services. There are questions dealing with a range of issues connected to the impact of abuse and support service provision. We want to know more about experiences of the different types of support and the differences in the way they are experienced by children and adults.  


Your responses are confidential and will not be published. We will publish a report summarising what we hear, but this will not name individuals and your responses will be kept confidential. You do not need to answer every question, just those which are relevant to your experiences.

The survey will be open for 13 weeks, and will close on 12th September.


Responding online

The easiest and quickest way to get in touch is by filling in the form here.


If you would like to see the list of questions included in the online form you can view these on our IICSA Victim and Survivor consultation document.


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