Counselling Enquiries

Client comments


I just wanted to email you to let you know how I feel the counselling is going so far.  Speaking to my counsellor each week is indescribably helpful, as is being in a safe environment whereby I feel so comfortable to talk about things that have mainly been confined to my head since it happened.

If recovery is a journey, Revival is one of the stops on that journey, and the stop is helping me to recognise, acknowledge and express things that I couldn’t do before reaching you.  Now I’m at the Revival stop, I am learning to see things differently.

I look forward to continuing this journey with my counsellor.

THANK YOU so much for this opportunity,

What helped you the most?

  • “To acknowledge the abuse and not feeling bad for acknowledging it. Understanding what impact it has had on the choices I have made prior to counselling. I can now make Choices!!”

  • “Being able to talk about stuff like it’s normal and feeling like I can talk openly.”

  • “Being reassured that I am not to blame and I was taken advantage of.”

  • “Realising I have a value; I can say “NO”. Everything is not my fault. Release of guilt.”

  • “Regular meetings. Someone who sat and listened and took notice of how I was feeling and what I was saying. A secure, private environment.”

  • “Talking to someone who did not judge your inner thoughts no matter how mad you thought you were. Just knowing you had support with someone understanding.”

  • “Talking about my feelings.”


  • “This last 6 months has been the hardest, scariest thing I have had to face. With the help of Revival I feel I have made contact with the woman I am supposed to be.”

  • “Great big THANKS. You’ve changed my life!”

  • “These sessions have worked immensely well in eliminating the violent dreams completely. I am more even tempered and in control and have also been able to come off my depression medication.”

  • “I have, for the first time in my life, opened up and talked about everything. I feel a totally different person and am so grateful for all the help and support. The future looks a better place to me now.”

  • “The realisation that I am not bad and it’s ok to feel angry with those who hurt me. Understanding why I was over exercising and under eating. Facing up to these things but forgiving myself, being kind to myself.”