Counselling Enquiries


We are a member of The Survivors Trust, a national umbrella organisation for 124 specialist rape and sexual abuse charities throughout the UK.  You can search by postcode or location on their Find Support in your Area page to see which specialist charities are nearby click here.


We also offer the following services to male and female survivors living in the Wiltshire area, who have been raped or sexually abused at any time in their lives:

  • Referral and Signposting Services

All services are free of charge.

Click Here for Information About National Helplines for Survivors of Sexual Violence and Abuse

Partners – Supporting Survivors’ booklet

This booklet offers information and support for partners of survivors who are going through the recovery process. Download it for free below.

Partner Support 2015.pdf

Online video series

Psychologist, Nina Burrows, has produced a YouTube series which may be of interest.

In this video series, Nina tackles some of the core issues surrounding sexual abuse and offers answers to people’s questions such as:

  • Why are sex offenders able to get away with it?

  • Should I go for therapy?

  • I’m a man and I’ve been raped – am I gay?

  • Why didn’t I fight?

  • Should I go to the police?

  • Someone I care about has told me they were abused – what should I do?

How do I protect myself from sexual abuse?

You can watch the first series here